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Artificial Intelligence dedicated to automatic trading

About us

My name is Nicolas CLAIR. I have been conducting financial analysis and trading on stock markets for more than fifteen years and I am the founder of STRATAGEME-TRADINGTM.

I am a great believer in automatic trading, used today by many professional and institutional investors. This type of trading removes all the cognitive aspects of the trader, proceeds impartially, and allows instantaneous execution of orders, which can represent a major asset in practice.

The digital revolution, as we know it, enables a growing part of this form of Artificial Intelligence in the management of investment portfolios.

Based on this conviction, I have developed an algorithm, based on my own experience and trading strategy. This valuable indicator can provide buy and sell signals on the markets in complete autonomy.

It is applicable to any type of market (Forex, CFD, Crypto-currencies, Stocks) in any conditions and any time frame, to satisfy all investors, from the most aggressive to the most conservative. 

To give it the required autonomy, I have linked it to an “Expert-Advisor“, or “Robot-Advisor“, in charge of translating its trend detections and trend reversals into buy and sell orders. It executes orders instantaneously 24 hours a day, five days a week, during the weekly opening of the markets.

In addition, I have provided it with several essential security modules, that follow the best practices of any informed trader, such as money-management, dynamic Take-Profits and Stop-Loss.

In its current version, this algorithm represents more than 4,000 lines of programming.

Graph trading blue


controls this indicator and its associated robot. Other comparable tools will be added to the range later.

In addition to the purely financial aspect, it is important to me to attribute a human value to the work that has been done in developing such a tool. Therefore, five percent of the profits generated by the robot will be donated to an association or foundation which will be created soon, to finance and/or carry out identified social and charitable actions.

As you can imagine, this site will evolve with many projects and events, and I invite you to come back regularly to watch its progress!